Dachshund Potty Training

Dachshunds are quick learners but do not be fooled into thinking that potty training will be a walk over. It is good to know what you’re in for. Dachshund Potty training is a bit of challenge for dachshunds given their ferocious hunting nature. Dachshunds are also quite stubborn making training them a bit tricky. They have an independent mind and do not like to be told what to do. They are a very proud breed.

To make dachshund potty training happen, there is need for consistency on the part of the trainer. The trainer should maintain a regular schedule and repeat it frequently. Over time the behavior will become part and parcel of the dachshund. Make ‘going outdoors’ a normal part of your dachshunds life.

Dachshund Potty TrainingDuring dachshund potty training expect some accidents. It is all part of potty training your dachshund. When these accidents happen do not shout at the dachshund, it will only make him resent you. When the dachshund potties at the right place it becomes essential to give positive reinforcement. Praising the dog for doing the right thing always brings positive results.

A trick to bear in mind that a dog will not mess a place he sleeps. This could be a comfortable crate or a puppy bed. The crate is the puppy’s own space associated with nice things like getting treats.  It is a place of comfort, rather than a place of confinement. Place the dachshund puppy in crate whenever you leave the house or be prepared to return to a messy house.

So, when you cannot watch him for a while, keep him there and he’ll hold it in. Nevertheless, do not leave him will force dachshund puppy to have accident and if that becomes a habit it will never stop. The dog may get used to wallowing in its own mess and that goes against a dog’s nature. A crate trained puppy will be very happy to have his own den and will keep it clean. Therefore, you could try dachshund potty training using the crate method which is very popular and often effective.

Choose a spot for dog to be relieving himself. It could be indoors or outdoors but the spot should be convenient and specific. You must teach the dog to ‘go’ at the same spot every time. Teaching them to go indoors is great. You may have to use training pads to prevent the carpet from getting soiled. The pad will absorb all the urine. Make it a habit to take the dog outside or to the training pad frequently, and then tell him to potty. After a while he will get the drift and learn what you mean. Then he will start going to potty by himself.

During the dachshund training period you must exercise a lot of patience. It will not happen overnight but the results will give the dachshund a very comfortable lifestyle for the rest of his life. Dachshund potty training is very possible, though it is one of the reasons dachshund owners give them up to rescue homes. You do not have to give up your cute little sausage dog. Potty training a dachshund is very achievable.