Dachshund Separation Anxiety

It is hard to imagine that the happy go lucky and playful dachshund may suffer from separation anxiety. Dachshund separation anxiety is not strange and is often seen in this breed. Surprisingly, the dachshund may actually develop separation anxiety even in adulthood. All dogs have an attachment to their masters. When you leave they become restless wondering whether you will come back.

There are ways you can tell whether your dachshund suffers from separation anxiety. A dachshund that has a separation anxiety problem will bark a lot and it can get annoying. You will also notice aggressive behavior in you dachshund that surfaces as you leave which can be very destructive and you will often return to a very messy home. The dog never wants to be alone or even without the owner around.

dachshund separation anxietyThere are several things you can do to ease dachshund separation anxiety. First and foremost you should become a powerful leader. Dogs pay attention to their leader and respect him. As a leader you should demonstrate to your dachshund that you will always come back. You could try to stand outside the door for a while then return. You could do this severally on different occasions and eventually your dachshund will trust that you will always come back when you leave. When he gains this trust, start by leaving him for short duration then build up to longer time. He will gradually adapt to being alone. Obedience training may also be necessary when dealing with separation anxiety. You should be able to command him to stay quiet when you’re gone and this is achievable by obedience training.

When dealing with dachshund separation anxiety try to downplay your departures and returns. When you leave, do not make such a big deal, just leave. Most dachshund owners shower their dogs with so much attention and love just before leaving this only increases the dog’s anxiety. You should also try to ignore him 10-15 minutes after arriving home. It may sound mean but you are actually helping your dachshund.

To deal with dachshund separation anxiety, you could try varying your routines. If you do certain things before leaving, do them some other time if possible. Dachshunds are intelligent dogs and will notice the preparations you usually make before you leave. When you start doing these things the dog will become restless and follow you everywhere just to keep you in sight.

A trick you could use to sort out your dachshunds separation anxiety is to exercise the dog before you leave. He will get so tired such that when you leave he will snooze away. However this is a temporary method of solving the issue. You may try it while training the dachshund to stay on his own.

Do not get annoyed when your dachshund suffers separation anxiety.  You should know that dogs that exhibit this problem are the most loving companions. Still you must train your dog to be on his on for a while. When your dachshund is less anxious his general health improves both physically and mentally. Therefore, dachshund separation anxiety training is necessary.