Piebald Dachshund – The facts


Generally, dachshunds are known for their fun-loving and affectionate personalities. They’re small dogs that are great for persons who have limited living space such as apartments. While possessing those general traits, the piebald dachshund has special characteristics and needs that set them apart.


General Appearance of Piebald Dachshunds

Dachshunds can have a variety of colorings. They can be black, tan, red, or spotted. The piebald dachshund, in particular, has a coat that is white with patches that are brown, gray, or black. Some dog owners may have trouble distinguishing a dappled dachshund from a piebald but it’s easy when taking a closer look at the coat.

With a piebald, the solid color patches are full and it’s not possible to see through to the base color of the dog’s coat. The dappled dachshund, on the other hand, shows bits of the white coat through its solid color patches.

In terms of the other aspects of its appearance, the piebald has all the other known traits of a dachshund. It’s small with short legs and the typical sausage-like shape. The dog’s coats can be long, short, or wiry in appearance.


Breeding Piebald Dachshunds

To get a piebald dachshund, one or both parents will need to have the piebald gene. If one parent is a piebald, then it will have a dominant gene. That gene would make it more likely for a piebald pup to be born. With the recessive gene, both parents would need to have that gene in order to produce a piebald. It’s not always easy to tell which dog has the recessive gene but dachshunds with dapples or solid-colored coats have been known to have a higher rate of having piebald dachshund pups.


Typical Characteristics of Piebald Dachshunds

When it comes to its personality, the piebald dachshund doesn’t differ from the other dogs in its breed. Piebalds are affectionate, clever dogs who like to entertain. They’re great for persons who are looking to own their first dog and get along well with children. Persons who own piebald dachshunds usually have no issues with grooming them or making sure they get the amount of exercise they need.

On the downside, the dogs are as intelligent as they are stubborn. While they can understand their owners, they’re not the easiest of dogs to train. Like other dachshunds, piebalds don’t usually like being left alone and don’t get along with strangers.

The Piebald Dachshund - Fun facts.
The Piebald Dachshund – Fun facts.


Possible Health Concerns

Being so small may be ideal for living in apartments but it also comes with a few health concerns. Piebald dachshunds don’t tolerate changes in temperature well and may get ill from too much heat. These dogs have also been shown to be predisposed to deafness, which can’t be diagnosed until they are at least six weeks old.

Dachshunds in general have a tendency to gain weight quickly while also suffering from issues with their spine, neck, and back. To keep a piebald healthy, it’s best to ensure the dog maintains an ideal weight so there’s no strain on its back. Keep your piebald dachshund happy look at our tips for dachshund toys.