Potty Training Dachshund

The process of potty training dachshund dogs is very tricky but equally essential and every tip is very important to the trainer. For first time dachshund owners the potty training their dachshund may seem impossible. While the task is honestly difficult consider it a challenge and have a positive attitude. The training should be done in a friendly manner. Happy dogs are more willing to learn.

Before starting understand your puppy’s body language.  Watch for signs that show your dog wants to eliminate. The signs can be very subtle so be attentive. Then you can try signal training. You must watch your dog attentively. Some of the signs that a potty training dachshund may display when he needs to relieve himself include circling and sniffing. If you see him circling or sniffing take him to potty spot where you have put paper or training pads. Tell him go potty. Of course will not get it right away, don’t get frustrated just keep trying. Take him to potty every three hour as puppies have small bladders. If they potty make a big deal get very excited and give them a treat. Soon they will understand and want to make you happy more often.

Potty Training DachshundOtherwise if signal training is not easy for you, you could take the dachshund puppy to train when he wakes up, after short naps, after play time, after meal times, before and after crating and before retiring for the night.  The idea here is it should be frequent. A potty training dachshund does not have much control over his bladder and will need to ‘go’ frequently. As the training progresses, so does the bladder control.

If the dog is going to be an inside dog which is the ideal for dachshunds, then potty training is necessary. Pick a convenient spot preferably next to the door. This is a good spot because when he learns to go at a specific place in the house, probably on some newspapers or training pads, you can easily change the venue to outside by just opening the door every time he goes to that spot.

If your potty training dachshund relieves himself in an inappropriate place like the carpet, do not get angry or shout at the dog. Say NO in a firm voice and take him to a training pad or paper and then tell him ‘potty’. Next time he might understand that he should not potty on the carpet but on the pad or papers.

When the dachshund puppy gets used to using paper or pad then, take him outside. When he goes to potty on the paper open the door and carry him outside. When he potties outside make a great deal out of it, praise the dog and give a treat. Keep this up until puppy is completely trained.

As much as the training can be difficult have some patience. The potty training dachshund is trying his best to learn. Until a dachshund is fully potty trained keep him under strict vigilance.