Dachshund Training

When considering dachshund training, it is important to understand this dog. Dachshunds are an affectionate breed, in fact one of the most affectionate breeds in the canine kingdom.  They enjoy the outdoors and are very playful with so much energy. The training does not have to be all serious; it can be done in a fun and playful manner. Dog training is a great opportunity for the owner to bond with the dog especially when it is the owner training.

Dachshunds are usually very intelligent and willing to learn, making training quite enjoyable. However, the dog can be hard headed sometimes especially when it comes to training. As much as the dog is intelligent a dachshund has a limited attention span. So, do not bore the dog. It is wise to have short training sessions for 10-15 minutes. Longer than that, the dog will not be willing to learn anymore. It is of great importance that you make the dachshund training sessions a positive experience for your dog.

dachshund trainingNaturally, dachshunds have a fiery will, having been bred as hunting dogs. Being hunters dachshunds are very aggressive and have high levels of energy. This aggressiveness must be suppressed by proper training to avoid future mishaps in the home and they should be kept away from teasing children before full training. It is prudent to ensure that your dachshund has sufficient exercise in order to spend all that energy. Even those who live in apartments should ensure that their dachshunds get sufficient energy by playing with them and taking them for walks frequently.

When the dog attains the right age for training, he should be taken to a trainer or enrolled in obedience school. It is not advisable to wait till the dog is much older as it may be more difficult to train him though not impossible. During dachshund training, the dog should be trained with the basic simple commands like ‘sit’ ‘stay’ and ‘down’. There is no need to use complex phrases. One word commands are better understood.

The dachshund may not get the command right away but when he understands and obeys, it would be encouraging to reward the dog. When dachshunds are punished for not following commands they may become aggressive and stubborn. During dachshund training rather than punish unwanted behavior, it is a better idea to recognize good behavior with rewards in the form of treats like biscuits or small pieces of meat. But do not give them the treat during training as they will lose interest in the training.

Getting a dachshund to follow commands and behave well can be a very trying experience for any trainer. It requires energy, time and a lot of patience. The trainer must be prepared and ready to overcome any obstacles. Nevertheless, the most important thing in dachshund training is to understand the dog. The trainer should know when the right time of training is and give proper training. The trainer should also be firm yet friendly to avoid bringing out the hostile temperament of the dachshund. All in all one would be surprised that these hard headed and aggressive cute dachshunds do best in obedience school.

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