Training A Dachshund Puppy

Training puppies may be difficult and even more so when it is a dachshund puppy. Training a dachshund puppy involves spending quality time with your dog. You must ensure you have enough time in your hands to showers the dachshund with all the attention he needs. As you train, Playing and cuddling is very important. Dachshund puppies are very affectionate and love it when they get the affection back. They love being with people.

When training a dachshund puppy, an important aspect of the training should be coping with separation. Most puppies suffer from separation anxiety and may remain with it even in adulthood. To help with separation anxiety, start from an early age. At first, leave puppy alone for a few minutes and then build up the time that you’re gone gradually. Eventually, he will become comfortable being left alone.

Training A Dachshund PuppyBefore you can leave the dachshund puppy around other pets and children, you must first socialize your puppy. Dachshund puppies may be hostile and this trait can manifest itself when teased by other pets and children and the results can be dire. Therefore, until appropriately trained, the dachshund puppy should not be trusted around children and pets.

When training a dachshund puppy you should always call the puppy by his name to get his attention. In fact you should call your puppy by his name all the time. Dachshunds are known to be arrogant and will often try to ignore you. Addressing the dog by his name helps a lot when commanding the dog.

Dachshunds love having fun and are naturally playful. Their training sessions should be made enjoyable. The trainer or trainer should show excitement during the training session and show the puppy that they are having fun too. Dachshunds like to please people and when they see you are pleased with what they are doing they will keep doing it, to please you even more. After the training, be happy and excited about the puppy’s progress. This is important especially when reinforcing the behavior that the puppy has learnt. Reward the desired behavior that you want the puppy to keep up, with some treats such as dog biscuits.

During training sessions all sorts of distractions must be eliminated. Dachshunds have a very short attention span and any distraction would even be worse for their concentration. Training sessions should not be long. Training a dachshund puppy should be in short sessions of about 5-10minutes each. This session may be built up to about 15 minutes over time.

Timing is a very important consideration when training a dachshund puppy. You will get either a negative or positive response depending on several factors. For instance you should never train the puppy immediately after a meal, same way you wouldn’t exercise immediately after a meal. You must also not train him when he is too hungry, tired or hot. You must also study your dachshund puppy carefully to know when he is in the right mood or not. The ideal time for training would be when he is in a happy mood.