Dachshund House Training

Dachshunds are special dogs that have their own distinctive personality from other dogs. This makes dachshund house training notoriously difficult to most owners. Many dachshund owners often give up and take them to shelters or rescue groups. You do not have to do that. House training a dachshund is very possible. To have an easier time house training your dachshund the first thing is to understand him. It is worth noting from the start that dachshunds are not stupid dogs, they are just arrogant and do not like following commands. They like having the upper hand.  Once you understand this you will appreciate the challenge and be encouraged not to give up house training him. It takes time and patience but eventually they will learn and the rewards of a comfortable life will follow.

Because of their big egos, dachshunds will want to do what they want. Motivate the dachshund to do what you want rather than what he wants. Dachshunds love attention, so as you house train them give them praise for achievements, pet them and give them tasty treats. If you catch him relieving himself in an inappropriate place stop him in a firm loud voice and carry him outside. There is no room for shouting and yelling during dachshund house training. It only delays the process. The occasional accidents before he is fully trained may be inevitable so do not get angry when they happen. Do not get discouraged he is also trying his best. One thing that some people do, which you must never do, is to rub his nose in his mess. This will make matters worse and the dog will become horrified and end up fearing and resenting you.

Dachshund House TrainingThe dachshund dog may not control the bladder for long at first and will need to potty frequently. With time they will be able to hold for longer. You could use a crate for dachshund house training. Keeping the dog in a comfortable crate associated with positive things like comfort sleep and food is a good method of house training. A dog has a natural desire not to soil where he sleeps or eats. But do not keep him there for so long. It will amount to dachshund torture. To make matters worse the dog may end up relieving himself there and it could become a habit. He could become accustomed to lying in his own mess because of your neglect.

Establish a routine for dachshund house training. For instance have a habit of taking the dog outside when he needs to go outside and take him out at specific times. When he goes outside be very excited, praise him and reward him. Rewards and praises communicate to the dachshund that he has done the right thing and you are impressed. These are encouraging acts and you should keep doing this until he is well trained or he may relapse. You must be consistent to avoid relapses. Get him to go in the same spot every time. During dachshund house training do not allow bad habits to begin.