Dachshund Training Tips

The most important of the Dachshund training tips is to get a proper instructor. The instructor must be qualified and if necessary conduct an interview. It is also necessary to know what the trainer will cover during the training period to see whether any aspect of training has been left out.

When training a dachshund, you must be persistent with your commands. You must make him listen to you. The dog may try to ignore you as dachshunds are known to be hard headed and breaking through to them can be a real challenge but you should not give up. It is really not sensible to give up after the first few tries. Another important tip is to always use the dogs name when giving command to get its attention. During the training sessions the trainer must be strict but then compassionate and lenient afterwards. If one is not strict with their dachshund it can easily gain the upper hand and learn to disobey commands. Patience is of vital importance when training a dachshund. It is actually one of the most important dachshund training tips. Bear in mind that Training dachshunds is a progressive process. It will not happen overnight, so do not rush your dachshund.

Dachshund Training TipsTraining must be carefully planned. One must have a simple and clear training program and stick to it. Consistency in training is therefore another one of the important dachshund training tips. The trainer should have a simple method and should not keep changing it. The trainer must be disciplined and keep to the routine. The dog would more disciplined and willing to learn if their trainer is disciplined too. Do not let the dog get away with indiscipline just because he is too cute. Some people even forget that dachshunds are dogs and give them special treatment. They consider them as people, hence disregarding the whole training process. Dog training is very important, no matter how cute the dog is.

Dachshund training tips would recommend that the trainer uses simple commands. For instance it would be better to say ‘come’ rather than ‘come here’. The trainer should issue one command at a time. This way the dog will learn faster. Training should also focus on the most important and basic commands at first.

After a training session, keep refreshing him of the commands he has learned, to make him remember and practice. He will be less likely to forget. Nevertheless you should never shout at your dog or punish him when he doesn’t get the command. It would encourage the dachshund if he is rewarded after every session so make a point of giving the dog a treat after the session.

Another important and easiest of the tips is to make it fun and interesting. Dachshunds are generally playful, and will learn better when the learning process is not taken so seriously. Remember they are generally playful dogs and love to have fun. Make the training a peasant experience.

In a nutshell the dachshund training tips come down to exercising a lot of love, patience and firmness. Training a dachshund can be very challenging but with these tips it can be a lot easier.