Dachshund Tips

One of the most important dachshund tips has to do with how you handle the dog. When training a dachshund care should be taken not to injure the dog. You should make sure you do not hurt the dogs back. It can cause serious health problems.

When you have a new dachshund you ought to be very watchful before the dachshund is fully trained. He may expose himself to danger and you should be there to avoid it. For instance he may start jumping up on furniture which is dangerous for a dachshund’s back. Be careful where you get your dachshund tips from as some of them are outrageous. Like if you are trying to potty train a dachshund there are those who suggest that if he potties at the wrong place then rub his nose in his mess. That should never be done as the dog will develop fear and end up resenting you.

dachshund separation anxietyAll owners of dachshunds should ensure that the dog gets plenty of exercise. Dachshunds have so much energy in them. Exercising is a great and safe way to release the energy. If they do not get exercise they will end up releasing the energy negatively. They may start digging all over the yard, barking endlessly, chewing on things and their aggression may even surface.

Naturally dachshunds are aggressive.  Aggressiveness must be suppressed by proper training to avoid future mishaps in the home and they should be kept away from teasing children before full training. You could get dachshund tips to deal with the aggression from a rescue center as they have handled so many aggressive dogs that are victims of abuse.

Train the dog at the right age. If you wait too long it may be more difficult to train him though not impossible. Dogs are more willing to learn when they are younger. During the training period you must exercise a lot of patience. It will not happen overnight. Dachshunds have big egos. They will want to do what they want. You must get your dachshund to do what you want. The tip here is to motivate the dachshund. When he does what you ask, praise him and give him a treat. Never allow bad habits to take root. Use a firm tone and simple words like ‘NO’ when admonishing a dachshund. Never shout at him or even hit him, he may respond aggressively.

When you have a dachshund, his health is of great concern. The most prominent of dachshund tips concerning their health is that it is better to avoid the problems in the first place. Better still the health problems are easily avoided with very simple tips. You should feed your dog good quality food and give him all the necessary vitamins. Exercise your dachshund often and regularly. You should also take your dachshund to the vet when vaccines are due. When it comes to the back problems that are a major concern for dachshunds, follow the dachshund tips given by your vet. They include lifting the dog to get him on and off furniture rather than allowing him to jump. Support the dachshund’s entire back as you lift him.