Dachshund Allergies

Dachshunds are generally healthy but occasionally they may display allergies. Causes of dachshund allergies vary and may include certain foods, environment or even products used on them like shampoos.

When a dachshund has an allergy you will notice some signs. One of the signs is that the dog may be scratching. However not all scratching dogs have an allergy. Fleas also cause itchiness so you may want to check for fleas first.

Dachshund AllergiesAnother sign of an allergy will show when a dog is allergic to certain foods. A lot of dogs are allergic to corn wheat and rice. The food you feed your dachshunds can cause allergies. When a dog has food allergies he will scratch persistently and you may notice bumps on his skin. Though again it could be due to the fleas. Apart from fleas and food allergies, severe itching can also be a result of plants, dust and other allergens such as pollen. Sometimes the dachshund allergies will cause the dog to scratch, lick or chew on certain parts of their bodies. This could be because of allergenic dermatitis. Allergenic dermatitis is a reaction that appears on the skin condition. All the scratching and biting creates sores that can get infected. Some dachshunds may develop dry skin sores and eczema. These are often a result of not feeding the dachshund with nutritious food. It can easily be corrected with proper diet.

Dachshund allergies may also be exhibited when a dachshund vomits or diarrheas. Allergies may have adverse effects on the dachshund to the point of making them sick. When your dog gets these symptoms and you take him to the vet do not get so surprised when the cause is actually an allergy.

When a dachshund has an allergic reaction, sometimes he may sound like he has problems breathing and may often make sounds like he’s trying to clear his throat. Though, it is not always that when a dachshund behaves like this that he has an allergy. There could be other causes like a collapsed trachea. So take your dachshund dog to a vet for a proper examination.

There are different ways of treating dachshund allergies. The treatments vary depending on the cause. Do not attempt to diagnose the dog’s allergy yourself unless you are a vet. Otherwise, take him to a professional. Allergies are mostly treated with change of diet, antihistamines, antibiotics, antifungals, cortisone, allergy shots, nutritional supplements or even bathing with special shampoos. When dealing with airborne causes of allergies, limit the dachshund’s exposure to airborne allergens. If it is pollen, keep them away from flowers and grass that have pollen. If your dog has food allergies you could buy special food ensuring that the food does not have wheat, rice or corn which are the common causes of allergies in dachshunds.

After a proper diagnosis is made your vet will prescribe the treatment. All in all the best idea is to go to your vet if the dachshund allergies are out of control and follow what the vet will advice.