Toys for dachshunds

Toys for Dachshunds – Why are they so important?

Do you own a Dachshund? The odds are that you are a lover of these tiny little pups. Who would not love a loyal and easy to groom pet friend? Dachshunds are also good pets because it plays well with others and is suitable for city life. The best thing to do if you want to blow your Dachshunds’ minds is to get them the best toys. They might be small in stature but your energetic and quirky canine companion will appreciate just about any toy. Keep reading to learn more about toys for Dachshunds.


Why Dachshund Toys are so Important

Every owner knows that their energetic and playful Dachshunds love playing with toys. However, most owners do not know that toys have so much to offer besides fun. Did you also know that toys can be perfect for training purposes? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Dachshund toys below:


· Dachshund Toys Build Independence

Since your canine friend is a pack animal, your Dachshund does not love to spend so much time alone. The problem is that you might not have the time and energy to stay with your pet friend for extended periods due to work and general life commitments. This is where toys for your best friend come in. Quality toys will keep your furry friend entertained when you are not around. Moreover, your friend will give you the space you need to get things done at home.


· Keeping your Best Friends Tucked Out

Do you want to keep your playful and energetic Dachshunds tucked in? There is no better way of doing that than by getting them the best toys. Toys will do to them what Sudoku and crosswords do to you. The mental stimulation toys provide to your canine friends cannot compare to a walk of more than thirty minutes. Your friends will run out of energy after playing with the toy for some minutes. They will have no option but to stay tucked in after running out of energy.


· Dachshund Toys Improve Learning

Combining play with toys is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of training your canine friend. The good thing with toys is they can be used as an alternative treat to food. Playing with your friend will also strengthen your relationship. All you should do is to be consistent with your cues. It is also advisable to keep the toys in good condition. Another trick you should use to train your Dachshunds is to reward them in short bursts of play. Try different kinds of play styles with your best friend to figure out the favorite game. Some of the games you can try include chasing, tug-of-war, chase, and wrestling.


· Reducing Stress

Buying toys for your Dachshunds is the best way of keeping them and relaxed. Your pups will forget all their worries when they play with their favorite toys. They will also feel like they have more control of their environment keeping them happy and satisfied. You only need to get them as many toys as possible.


· Promoting Good Behavior

Purchasing toys for Dachshunds is also a great way of improving their behavior. Chew toys, for instance, will stop your friend from chewing your furniture and favorite shoes. Toys also reduce negative behaviors like unnecessary barking.


· Improves Your Relationship

Your Dachshunds will love you more after you present them with the best toys.


Toys for dachshunds - Why you should get toys for your dachshund.
Toys for dachshunds – Why you should get toys for your dachshund.

How to Find the Best Toys for your Dachshunds

The success of the toys you will get for your pet friend is determined by various essentials. Besides fun, owners should also put other things such as size and safety into consideration. Here are helpful tips for choosing the right toys for your Dachshunds. Find suitable dachshund toys here and:


· Consider Safety

It safe to say that your friend finds risky objects attractive. The best thing you should do is to avoid toys with small parts, which your pet can ingest. Toys with sharp ends should also be avoided. Observe your pet playing with the new toy to determine if it is safe.


· Size is Important

Owners should purchase toys that are easy to carry around. Avoid toys that can be swallowed by your pet while you are at it.


· Look at Material

It is best to think about the durability and ease of use when it comes to the material. You should also purchase toys with washable materials.

Training Dachshunds

Getting a brand new dachshund puppy is very exciting. Nevertheless expect to encounter house training hurdles while training dachshunds, whether a puppy or adult. Be very watchful before the dachshund is fully trained and be ready to put up with a few broken vases.

Dachshund owners who wish to train their beloved companions definitely face up to a very tough task. Dachshunds are regarded as one of the most difficult breed to train. The cute little sausage shaped dogs can indeed be quite stubborn. Dachshund dogs are small dogs but with a big attitude making training dachshunds very challenging. Do not be fooled by their cuteness to think that they are submissive dogs. On the contrary, they like having the upper hand and are very independent. They are not keen on following instructions.

dachshund trainingProper training of a dachshund is very important. They tend to be aggressive towards other people and pets and love to express dominance. Such behavioral issues should be stopped immediately with early and proper training. You should never let the dog get the upper hand as training will be even more difficult.

When training dachshunds make sure they get plenty of exercise. Exercise should be part of training. Being essentially hunting dogs they have a lot of energy. This energy may end up being released in a very destructive manner. So, keep your dachshund active.

In order to have an easy time training your cute little dog, you must furnish all the dogs needs. Provide the dog with love, physical attention and a proper diet. A physically and emotionally healthy dachshund is easier to train.

When training a dachshund care should be taken not to injure the dog. Too much training and exercise may harm the dachshund. Dachshunds have an elongated body structure. They should not climb onto high surfaces or jump repeatedly.  Their back can be at risk. While training them you must teach them not to jump or climb on high surfaces without assistance.

The interesting thing about training dachshunds is that it is not only for the dog but for the owner too. Dachshunds should be taught to follow instructions and the owners, how to give instructions. Dachshunds can be very defiant. Sometimes dachshunds may be difficult and may have to be enrolled in an obedience class. Owners of dachshunds should participate actively in the dachshund training process where he has hires a trainer. For someone who has owned a dachshund before it may not be necessary to take the classes all over again.

With time and experience you will understand that training dachshunds does not have to be a dreadful experience after all. It can be and should be fun if you train the dog properly and in a playful manner. Bear in mind that training should be an opportunity to bond with your dog and not to punish him and keep rewarding him. Most of all you must be patient with your dachshund as you train him. Do not rush him as he may become unwilling to learn.

Dachshund Puppy Training

Dachshund puppies are very cute and adorable. These puppies make a great family companion, but with proper training. Dachshund puppies have a playful personality, are affectionate and can dachshund puppy training should begin soon as he’s home. Start socializing immediately but you shouldn’t socialize the dog before it is 10 weeks old.

Dachshund Puppy Training – what to look out for

Truth be told, training dachshund puppies is not the easiest task in the world. Dachshunds are stubborn dogs and like having the upper hand. It is important that the owner establishes authoritatively that he is the top dog and the puppy should listen to him. If this authority is not established from the time the dachshund is a puppy, the dog may end up training you instead of the other way round.

Dachshund Puppy TrainingDachshund puppies naturally have a curious nature. During the training sessions teach him to stay near you and not to stray about in public. It is better to start obedience training from three to six months when they are most likely to be less stubborn. There is nothing as discouraging as an unruly dachshund puppy in public.

As much as they are a stubborn breed, dachshund puppy training can still be carried out effectively. Dachshund puppies can still be trained if they are understood. These puppies respond well to positive and non-violent training. Do not punish the puppy or shout at him during training. He may end up resenting you and become aggressive. After the training sessions, always give rewards for any progress the puppy makes.

When training dachshund puppies you should have a schedule and stick to it for effective results. Dachshund puppy training requires commitment, consistency and plenty of patience. Since dachshunds have short attention spans short training sessions are best. A good training schedule should stimulate the puppy both physically and mentally.

Dachshunds love to dig around. It is essential that every dachshund puppy training schedule has sessions for teaching the puppy not to dig around in the backyard or garden. Given that dachshunds were bred as hunters digging comes instinctively to them. Digging is their way of burrowing after animals. The digging should be expected from dachshund puppies. The problem with the digging is that it ruins the garden, grass and flowers. What may even be worse is that they may also dig their way under the fence and escape. He may also be digging places with fertilizers and other chemicals thus endangering his health. One must be very vigilant when the puppy has not yet been trained to stop digging around. If the dog is persistent and dachshund puppy training does not stop the dog from digging, a good idea would be to get a special spot and fill it with loose soil then train the puppy to dig there.

It is important to teach dachshund puppies’ proper etiquette from the start. If etiquette is not taught early they may develop bad habits that will be difficult to drop later on. The best thing about dachshunds is that they are clever dogs and will learn quickly.

Training A Dachshund Puppy

Training puppies may be difficult and even more so when it is a dachshund puppy. Training a dachshund puppy involves spending quality time with your dog. You must ensure you have enough time in your hands to showers the dachshund with all the attention he needs. As you train, Playing and cuddling is very important. Dachshund puppies are very affectionate and love it when they get the affection back. They love being with people.

When training a dachshund puppy, an important aspect of the training should be coping with separation. Most puppies suffer from separation anxiety and may remain with it even in adulthood. To help with separation anxiety, start from an early age. At first, leave puppy alone for a few minutes and then build up the time that you’re gone gradually. Eventually, he will become comfortable being left alone.

Training A Dachshund PuppyBefore you can leave the dachshund puppy around other pets and children, you must first socialize your puppy. Dachshund puppies may be hostile and this trait can manifest itself when teased by other pets and children and the results can be dire. Therefore, until appropriately trained, the dachshund puppy should not be trusted around children and pets.

When training a dachshund puppy you should always call the puppy by his name to get his attention. In fact you should call your puppy by his name all the time. Dachshunds are known to be arrogant and will often try to ignore you. Addressing the dog by his name helps a lot when commanding the dog.

Dachshunds love having fun and are naturally playful. Their training sessions should be made enjoyable. The trainer or trainer should show excitement during the training session and show the puppy that they are having fun too. Dachshunds like to please people and when they see you are pleased with what they are doing they will keep doing it, to please you even more. After the training, be happy and excited about the puppy’s progress. This is important especially when reinforcing the behavior that the puppy has learnt. Reward the desired behavior that you want the puppy to keep up, with some treats such as dog biscuits.

During training sessions all sorts of distractions must be eliminated. Dachshunds have a very short attention span and any distraction would even be worse for their concentration. Training sessions should not be long. Training a dachshund puppy should be in short sessions of about 5-10minutes each. This session may be built up to about 15 minutes over time.

Timing is a very important consideration when training a dachshund puppy. You will get either a negative or positive response depending on several factors. For instance you should never train the puppy immediately after a meal, same way you wouldn’t exercise immediately after a meal. You must also not train him when he is too hungry, tired or hot. You must also study your dachshund puppy carefully to know when he is in the right mood or not. The ideal time for training would be when he is in a happy mood.

Dachshund Potty Training

Dachshunds are quick learners but do not be fooled into thinking that potty training will be a walk over. It is good to know what you’re in for. Dachshund Potty training is a bit of challenge for dachshunds given their ferocious hunting nature. Dachshunds are also quite stubborn making training them a bit tricky. They have an independent mind and do not like to be told what to do. They are a very proud breed.

To make dachshund potty training happen, there is need for consistency on the part of the trainer. The trainer should maintain a regular schedule and repeat it frequently. Over time the behavior will become part and parcel of the dachshund. Make ‘going outdoors’ a normal part of your dachshunds life.

Dachshund Potty TrainingDuring dachshund potty training expect some accidents. It is all part of potty training your dachshund. When these accidents happen do not shout at the dachshund, it will only make him resent you. When the dachshund potties at the right place it becomes essential to give positive reinforcement. Praising the dog for doing the right thing always brings positive results.

A trick to bear in mind that a dog will not mess a place he sleeps. This could be a comfortable crate or a puppy bed. The crate is the puppy’s own space associated with nice things like getting treats.  It is a place of comfort, rather than a place of confinement. Place the dachshund puppy in crate whenever you leave the house or be prepared to return to a messy house.

So, when you cannot watch him for a while, keep him there and he’ll hold it in. Nevertheless, do not leave him will force dachshund puppy to have accident and if that becomes a habit it will never stop. The dog may get used to wallowing in its own mess and that goes against a dog’s nature. A crate trained puppy will be very happy to have his own den and will keep it clean. Therefore, you could try dachshund potty training using the crate method which is very popular and often effective.

Choose a spot for dog to be relieving himself. It could be indoors or outdoors but the spot should be convenient and specific. You must teach the dog to ‘go’ at the same spot every time. Teaching them to go indoors is great. You may have to use training pads to prevent the carpet from getting soiled. The pad will absorb all the urine. Make it a habit to take the dog outside or to the training pad frequently, and then tell him to potty. After a while he will get the drift and learn what you mean. Then he will start going to potty by himself.

During the dachshund training period you must exercise a lot of patience. It will not happen overnight but the results will give the dachshund a very comfortable lifestyle for the rest of his life. Dachshund potty training is very possible, though it is one of the reasons dachshund owners give them up to rescue homes. You do not have to give up your cute little sausage dog. Potty training a dachshund is very achievable.

Potty Training Dachshund

The process of potty training dachshund dogs is very tricky but equally essential and every tip is very important to the trainer. For first time dachshund owners the potty training their dachshund may seem impossible. While the task is honestly difficult consider it a challenge and have a positive attitude. The training should be done in a friendly manner. Happy dogs are more willing to learn.

Before starting understand your puppy’s body language.  Watch for signs that show your dog wants to eliminate. The signs can be very subtle so be attentive. Then you can try signal training. You must watch your dog attentively. Some of the signs that a potty training dachshund may display when he needs to relieve himself include circling and sniffing. If you see him circling or sniffing take him to potty spot where you have put paper or training pads. Tell him go potty. Of course will not get it right away, don’t get frustrated just keep trying. Take him to potty every three hour as puppies have small bladders. If they potty make a big deal get very excited and give them a treat. Soon they will understand and want to make you happy more often.

Potty Training DachshundOtherwise if signal training is not easy for you, you could take the dachshund puppy to train when he wakes up, after short naps, after play time, after meal times, before and after crating and before retiring for the night.  The idea here is it should be frequent. A potty training dachshund does not have much control over his bladder and will need to ‘go’ frequently. As the training progresses, so does the bladder control.

If the dog is going to be an inside dog which is the ideal for dachshunds, then potty training is necessary. Pick a convenient spot preferably next to the door. This is a good spot because when he learns to go at a specific place in the house, probably on some newspapers or training pads, you can easily change the venue to outside by just opening the door every time he goes to that spot.

If your potty training dachshund relieves himself in an inappropriate place like the carpet, do not get angry or shout at the dog. Say NO in a firm voice and take him to a training pad or paper and then tell him ‘potty’. Next time he might understand that he should not potty on the carpet but on the pad or papers.

When the dachshund puppy gets used to using paper or pad then, take him outside. When he goes to potty on the paper open the door and carry him outside. When he potties outside make a great deal out of it, praise the dog and give a treat. Keep this up until puppy is completely trained.

As much as the training can be difficult have some patience. The potty training dachshund is trying his best to learn. Until a dachshund is fully potty trained keep him under strict vigilance.

Dachshund House Training

Dachshunds are special dogs that have their own distinctive personality from other dogs. This makes dachshund house training notoriously difficult to most owners. Many dachshund owners often give up and take them to shelters or rescue groups. You do not have to do that. House training a dachshund is very possible. To have an easier time house training your dachshund the first thing is to understand him. It is worth noting from the start that dachshunds are not stupid dogs, they are just arrogant and do not like following commands. They like having the upper hand.  Once you understand this you will appreciate the challenge and be encouraged not to give up house training him. It takes time and patience but eventually they will learn and the rewards of a comfortable life will follow.

Because of their big egos, dachshunds will want to do what they want. Motivate the dachshund to do what you want rather than what he wants. Dachshunds love attention, so as you house train them give them praise for achievements, pet them and give them tasty treats. If you catch him relieving himself in an inappropriate place stop him in a firm loud voice and carry him outside. There is no room for shouting and yelling during dachshund house training. It only delays the process. The occasional accidents before he is fully trained may be inevitable so do not get angry when they happen. Do not get discouraged he is also trying his best. One thing that some people do, which you must never do, is to rub his nose in his mess. This will make matters worse and the dog will become horrified and end up fearing and resenting you.

Dachshund House TrainingThe dachshund dog may not control the bladder for long at first and will need to potty frequently. With time they will be able to hold for longer. You could use a crate for dachshund house training. Keeping the dog in a comfortable crate associated with positive things like comfort sleep and food is a good method of house training. A dog has a natural desire not to soil where he sleeps or eats. But do not keep him there for so long. It will amount to dachshund torture. To make matters worse the dog may end up relieving himself there and it could become a habit. He could become accustomed to lying in his own mess because of your neglect.

Establish a routine for dachshund house training. For instance have a habit of taking the dog outside when he needs to go outside and take him out at specific times. When he goes outside be very excited, praise him and reward him. Rewards and praises communicate to the dachshund that he has done the right thing and you are impressed. These are encouraging acts and you should keep doing this until he is well trained or he may relapse. You must be consistent to avoid relapses. Get him to go in the same spot every time. During dachshund house training do not allow bad habits to begin.

Dachshund Tips

One of the most important dachshund tips has to do with how you handle the dog. When training a dachshund care should be taken not to injure the dog. You should make sure you do not hurt the dogs back. It can cause serious health problems.

When you have a new dachshund you ought to be very watchful before the dachshund is fully trained. He may expose himself to danger and you should be there to avoid it. For instance he may start jumping up on furniture which is dangerous for a dachshund’s back. Be careful where you get your dachshund tips from as some of them are outrageous. Like if you are trying to potty train a dachshund there are those who suggest that if he potties at the wrong place then rub his nose in his mess. That should never be done as the dog will develop fear and end up resenting you.

dachshund separation anxietyAll owners of dachshunds should ensure that the dog gets plenty of exercise. Dachshunds have so much energy in them. Exercising is a great and safe way to release the energy. If they do not get exercise they will end up releasing the energy negatively. They may start digging all over the yard, barking endlessly, chewing on things and their aggression may even surface.

Naturally dachshunds are aggressive.  Aggressiveness must be suppressed by proper training to avoid future mishaps in the home and they should be kept away from teasing children before full training. You could get dachshund tips to deal with the aggression from a rescue center as they have handled so many aggressive dogs that are victims of abuse.

Train the dog at the right age. If you wait too long it may be more difficult to train him though not impossible. Dogs are more willing to learn when they are younger. During the training period you must exercise a lot of patience. It will not happen overnight. Dachshunds have big egos. They will want to do what they want. You must get your dachshund to do what you want. The tip here is to motivate the dachshund. When he does what you ask, praise him and give him a treat. Never allow bad habits to take root. Use a firm tone and simple words like ‘NO’ when admonishing a dachshund. Never shout at him or even hit him, he may respond aggressively.

When you have a dachshund, his health is of great concern. The most prominent of dachshund tips concerning their health is that it is better to avoid the problems in the first place. Better still the health problems are easily avoided with very simple tips. You should feed your dog good quality food and give him all the necessary vitamins. Exercise your dachshund often and regularly. You should also take your dachshund to the vet when vaccines are due. When it comes to the back problems that are a major concern for dachshunds, follow the dachshund tips given by your vet. They include lifting the dog to get him on and off furniture rather than allowing him to jump. Support the dachshund’s entire back as you lift him.

Dachshund Training Tips

The most important of the Dachshund training tips is to get a proper instructor. The instructor must be qualified and if necessary conduct an interview. It is also necessary to know what the trainer will cover during the training period to see whether any aspect of training has been left out.

When training a dachshund, you must be persistent with your commands. You must make him listen to you. The dog may try to ignore you as dachshunds are known to be hard headed and breaking through to them can be a real challenge but you should not give up. It is really not sensible to give up after the first few tries. Another important tip is to always use the dogs name when giving command to get its attention. During the training sessions the trainer must be strict but then compassionate and lenient afterwards. If one is not strict with their dachshund it can easily gain the upper hand and learn to disobey commands. Patience is of vital importance when training a dachshund. It is actually one of the most important dachshund training tips. Bear in mind that Training dachshunds is a progressive process. It will not happen overnight, so do not rush your dachshund.

Dachshund Training TipsTraining must be carefully planned. One must have a simple and clear training program and stick to it. Consistency in training is therefore another one of the important dachshund training tips. The trainer should have a simple method and should not keep changing it. The trainer must be disciplined and keep to the routine. The dog would more disciplined and willing to learn if their trainer is disciplined too. Do not let the dog get away with indiscipline just because he is too cute. Some people even forget that dachshunds are dogs and give them special treatment. They consider them as people, hence disregarding the whole training process. Dog training is very important, no matter how cute the dog is.

Dachshund training tips would recommend that the trainer uses simple commands. For instance it would be better to say ‘come’ rather than ‘come here’. The trainer should issue one command at a time. This way the dog will learn faster. Training should also focus on the most important and basic commands at first.

After a training session, keep refreshing him of the commands he has learned, to make him remember and practice. He will be less likely to forget. Nevertheless you should never shout at your dog or punish him when he doesn’t get the command. It would encourage the dachshund if he is rewarded after every session so make a point of giving the dog a treat after the session.

Another important and easiest of the tips is to make it fun and interesting. Dachshunds are generally playful, and will learn better when the learning process is not taken so seriously. Remember they are generally playful dogs and love to have fun. Make the training a peasant experience.

In a nutshell the dachshund training tips come down to exercising a lot of love, patience and firmness. Training a dachshund can be very challenging but with these tips it can be a lot easier.